Intercollegiate athletes are subject to intense pressure. Every play they make is publicly analyzed and seen as fair game for sometimes harsh criticism. The fact that the players are barely out of their teens gets quickly forgotten.

Winners don’t just need to excel at their sport, they need the mental toughness to deal with life, setbacks, distractions, and noise. They need wisdom.

Kevin Ward understands this as only a former college student athlete can. During his time playing for the Cincinnati Bearcats he learned a lot from great coaches: John Harbaugh and Rex Ryan, John would go on to lead, the Baltimore Ravens to a Superbowl victory.

Today Kevin inspires college athletes to deliver peak performances in sports, and life. The Playmakers Camp® draws on a leadership philosophy that unites a dynamic blend of sports and business psychology, with insights about personal and spiritual growth.

Using humor and honesty, the Camp asks thought provoking questions to identify blind spots and clearly reveal the barriers to achievement that exist right now.

Kevin has the advantage of neutrality. He is not a member of the coaching team, or administrative staff.  Sometimes just this simple fact encourages players to open-up in a way they may feel unable to with their regular coach.

What Students Say:

“I loved the interactive nature of the training and how it was full of emotions and heart. I will be a better student athlete and person as a result of this training. ”
Student Athlete, Hamilton College

“Kevin was able to effectively use real world business examples and sport examples, while helping us to see the impact in our leadership in corporate America or sports.”
MBA Student, University of Michigan – Ross School of Business

Is your team blocked and underperforming?

A fresh perspective can be helpful. A fresh perspective from someone who’s walked the walk, can help shape the mindset of a team the college and alumni can be proud of.