It’s a basic rule of physics: to move forward, you need momentum.

The Playmakers Huddle® has successfully been used to create momentum and re-energize teams at companies like Proctor & Gamble and Coca-Cola.

The Forward Factors® helps team members identify areas preventing forward movement. The four factors, when present, allows a team to move forward and become unstoppable.

By using thought-provoking questions to identify blind spots and uncover creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems, The Playmakers Huddle® replaces long meetings as well as boosts productivity/efficiency by injecting fresh thinking, to move beyond established management processes.

Teams learn to identify the barriers to achievement that exist right now. Then they learn to strategize and develop plans to overcome these barriers by transforming difficult tasks into opportunities for positive and productive collaboration.

What Leaders Say:

“Kevin/TFG was not only instrumental in helping us turnaround an underperforming team/business. His coaching helped to save one of our key leaders.”
Derrick, VP/Coca-Cola

“We had one of the highest evaluations scores as a result of Kevin’s informative, engaging and inspiring PLAYMAKERS training.”
Walter, Director/Proctor & Gamble

Is your team blocked and underperforming?

It’s time to overcome procrastination and inertia. Tap into the power of the huddle – seize opportunity and change the outcomes.