Kevin Ward

Kevin Ward is a high-impact coach and trainer.  He founded the Forward Group in 2008 to realize his mission of impacting outcomes.  He teaches business and sports teams how to be PLAYMAKERS by overcoming their toughest challenges and how to impact their team’s outcomes.

Kevin holds a Master of Divinity degree and has an outstanding record of leadership in Fortune 500 companies and non-profits. His leadership philosophy unites a dynamic blend of sports and business psychology, with insights about personal and spiritual growth.

This dynamic combination is the foundation of the PLAYMAKERS philosophy.

What Leaders Say:

“Kevin’s innate ability to listen thoughtfully, dissect issues and root causes, and recommend tangible actions that drive positive results sets him apart from others.

He has truly been granted a gift from God—the ability to make a real difference in others’ lives and help them to achieve that “something more” that they are looking for.

It is an honor to have Kevin as a coach, and I recommend his services to all who want to move forward.”
RK, Global Strategy/3M

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