What is a Playmaker?

You’ve got talent? Good. Do you have the mindset to influence outcomes through your leadership? Now that’s a game changer. A playmaker is an individual who simply has what it takes, along with the confidence and humility to use it.

At The Forward Group, we know that business is similar to the way in which sports teams operate. It’s comprised of many interworking parts with different roles and abilities. And together, as a team, you create goals. The playmaker has an extremely important role in accomplishing those goals – they set the tone and the route to get there.

Six-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady says it like this, “Football is exactly a metaphor for life, based on what you’re dealing with, you’ve got to ask yourself, ‘What’s the next move’?”

He is commonly referred to the greatest quarterback of all time – the one who was chosen 199th in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. In a recent interview, Brady commented on that moment:

“I didn’t have exactly the physical traits they were looking for so I had to develop other things along with working on my weaknesses. I developed leadership, perseverance, work ethic and an ability to set the tone.”

It’s hard work to be the best. We get that. We also know what it takes to get you there. Contact us to learn more.